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Sierra Summer, 1874


292 pages, 6x9" format, lavishly illustrated with old and new photos, prints, drawings, maps, on quality paper, softbound but sturdy binding. A pullout map included for convenience in tracing the action.

Cost: $25.95 plus shipping, where relevant.

Autographed to your specification when you order directly from the author.Otherwise available from a list of independent bookstores,shops and agents in CA and WI.


Deborah Whitney of Shady Flat: A Dauntless Girl of the Golden West


250 pages, 6 x 9" format, many black and white illustrations and maps, on high quality paper, softbound but sturdy. A separate, looseleaf map accompanies the book for the extra convenience of locating the placenames mentioned in the story.

Cost: $20, plus tax and shipping, where relevant.

Customized, autographed inscriptions available when ordering directly from the author.


Audio Book


7 cds, 8 1/2 hours of listening time, bookmark bands at approx. 5 minute intervals.

Price: $39.95 plus shipping, if purchased direct from Katie Green/Pineneedle Press. Available from the author and through select bookstores and shops




Like A Leaf Upon the Current Cast


I have no immediate plans to reprint this expensive book,and it does not lend itself to an e-book because of the oversized format and extensive illustrations, sorry.

The occasional copy is available on the internet but let the buyer beware! The 3rd edition is the largest and best version, 100-some pages longer than the first or second editions, so be sure of what you are purchasing.


Purchasing Options

For the books still in print, you may purchase a personal, autographed copy from The Author by contacting me


snailmail: 1690 Meadow Lane, Plain, Wisconsin 53577

Other sites where books are currently available:

American Players Theatre Gift Shops, Spring Green, WI  (608) 588- 2361

Arcadia Books, Spring Green, WI  (608) 588-7638

Cornish Corner Shops, Mineral Point, WI (608) 987-9930

The Office Market, Spring Green, WI (608) 588-7227

Foundry Books, Mineral Point, WI (608) 987-4363

Set In Stone, Mineral Point, WI (608) 987-1123

Ocooch Books, Richland Center, WI (608) 647-8826

Prairie Bookstore, Mt. Horeb, WI (608) 437-4118

Hometown Pharmacy, Dodgeville, WI (608) 935-3661

Downieville Historical Museum, Downieville, CA

The Book Seller, Grass Valley, CA (530) 272-2131

Community Memorial Museum, Yuba City CA  (530) 822-7141

Viewpoint Books, Columbus, IN (812)376-0778

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