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By popular request, I led several tours of "Debbie Whitney Country" in Sierra County, CA in recent years.

The tours have been car-caravans  along the North Yuba drainage, between Downieville and on up along Highway 49 into the Lakes Basin -- the terrain featured in my books about the pioneer Whitney family. Frequent stops were made at such places as Shady Flat (of course!, home of the Whitneys), Breyfogel Flat (scene of the May Day shooting) New York Ravine (home of the Bernhardt family's wayside inn), O'Donnel Flat /Secret Ravine(where the McCartys ranched and Major Downie first slid down into the Yuba canyon), China Flat  (Frederick Junot's store and saloon), and the former Scott's Hotel in Sierra City, where Debbie and her relatives stayed before climbing the Buttes (still a gathering place for residents and visitors almost 150 years later.)

For an obscene amount of money I would be willing to travel from my current home in Wisconsin to lead such a tour, although I do show up in Sierra County a time or two a year anyway to do research and/or obey the homing instinct, so it's possible we could rendezvous at such a time if you give me advance warning. Perhaps you would be better advised to do a self-guided journey along the Yuba River with map in hand. For proposals about tours and other related topics I can be reached at

I have made numerous presentations about, and readings of, my writings and related fields of interest, to gatherings such as historical societies, libraries, writers groups, bookclubs, retirement communities, rock collector clubs, genealogical and social organizations. I have also been author-in-the-schools at grammar schools in Wisconsin and California, and soon to be in Indiana, speaking to children from K-8 and high school history classes. One special study unit for 6th graders, concerned with building tolerance and eradicating violence and bullying in school, required multiple appearances over two months.

P.S. I will no longer give talks after huge, gourmandizing boozy banquets plus a lengthy business meeting before my part of the program takes place. I have found those events to be a hopeless endeavor, a waste of everyone's time.

I can be reached at: or (608) 546-1012